Tuesday, June 1, 2010


1.RACE: Sleep Dealer is obviously influenced by The Matrix (among other films). What connections do you see to The Matrix and like films? What differences do you see? What do these differences say about issues of race, for example Sleep Dealer is a Mexican-American production--What elements or themes in the film mark it as “particularly Latino” or “particularly Mexican”? What does Sleep Dealer have to say about the rural life versus urban life?
well, i do think " Sleep Dealer is obviously influenced by The Matrix(among other films)" actually means that because of the way they connect between the machines and the human bodies.in both movies,the machines and the human bodies are connected through the ports that were made by human.they don't ever connect between human bodies and the machines through the holes that we have originally from birth such as noses,ears,mouths and so on.in the Matrix,they are going to future to fight for their freedom against machines.But in Sleep Dealer,no one is going to the future and fighting for something.they are just staying in the time they currently are. they are just staying in Mexico and work by controlling the machines in Mexico and they appear as robot workers in the New York City.
i think that the race is a big role in this movie. what i mean is that i'm sure that New York City has a lot of workers and why do they still need people form Mexico to work for New York City.i think the reason is that people in the New York city became expensive workers compared to the workers from Mexico.let's say you have to pay at least $ 7 per hour to work in the New York City. you will just need to pay $ 3 or less than that to the workers from Mexico and they will be happy with that.to get them in New York to work, you will have to give them visas and will need more housing and facilities and will be more expensive than they work in Mexico.by controlling robot workers from Mexico,they can save all those money and it can run 24 hours if some workers are willing to do. it doesn't necessarily need to be Mexico.it could be any country from anywhere around the world.Urban life means that the lives of the people who are working or living or both.the urban areas usually are the big cities with high populations and high standard of living. rural life means that the lives of the people who are living in the rural areas which usually are small towns or villages.it's really hard to get good money by staying and working in the rural areas.so,people form rural areas usually come to the urban areas to work,get more money than they can get in the rural areas and support their families back home. i think it was a good film by letting us know about the hard lives of the people from rural areas and make us think about ourselves in the urban areas.

Monday, May 31, 2010


i think that Danahay and Reider are trying to say that what the life of the matrix is different form what the marxist believe.marx siad that people don't realized the relationship between work and what it produce and he also said that it's because of they were brainwashed to think that they work for themselves and not for the labor.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog- 22

well, as for me The ExistenZ could be more realistic than the matrix movie even they both are saying that we can go to the future. as the way the matrix is, you can go to the future and you can't go back to your current time that you live right now. But the Existenz says that you can go to the future and you can come back to the time that you live in and anyone who were installed bio port can play the game. but in the matrix, most of the people are just regular people and there are just two groups who are playing the game, the morphrius's group and the other one. So, i think it's not too realistic. what i think is if it is happen, it should happen to everyone. it's shouldn't just happen to two groups of people. and one more thing, if they can invent to go to the future , they should have done inventing to go to the past at least to the time we live in right now. there are many ways that ExistenZ makes more sense to me compared to the matrix. first, ExistenZ says anyone who installed the bio port can play the game, go to the future and come back. you don't need to be the chosen ones to do so.
in the movie ExistenZ,it's still you whether you are going to the future.you don't reborn or something like that.But in the matrix,you go to the future whith no way back and you are going to be reborn in order to be in the future.so,what i mean right here is you need people to support you to learn their way of doing stuffs and living in the matrix. But in the ExistenZ, you just get into the future with no one's help in the future.you don't need anyone to install the material arts or something to your memory.i think that's the beauty of it.One more thing,i see that someone must ring the telephone to call the guys in the future back to their base.i think that it shouldn't be that way. i really do think that it should be just you who control yourself.if you compare time of the matrix and the ExistenZ, the matrix's future could be later than the time that ExistenZ's future. i have that idea by the way they dress,the buildings and the use of the weapons.the things they use in the movie, ExistenZ does look old fashion compared to the matrix's latest weapons.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog -21

at the beginning of the class me and my friends were thinking how to make the porject fun for the people who watch documentry video clip...
we still don't get a good idea for that yet...still thinking about how to make that fun

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog 20

well,, i think in the book, she meant that the matrix used lots of modern stuffs like special effects and so on , eXistenZ is the better movie because of the use of gore and stuffs.. she is kind of stereotyping,,, i think. she should look for the other stuffs too..like the theme of the story. they are pretty much the same. they both go to the future.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

blog 19( report out)

well, this is my first time i have been to the media library..i didn't actually think that was so true when the professor said that it's the main library for anyone who is working in the United States.and we were sitting in the reading room on the second floor to think about the game that we were going to present. these are the names some people that is gonna be in our group.. Amed , Jasmine, Chris P,Nasit and me,Thein Kyaw Moe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blog 18

for the final...... i was thinking to make...a video about sterotyping on the female drivers and asian drivers...at the start of the class..
But i talked with my friends and i might do their project with them.... i can't still tell me to keep it as a secrect for now.. so,we are working on it...